Fire Pits and Grills

Your house and yard can benefit from a wide variety of alterations that boost both their functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of fire pits as an alternative to traditional fireplaces has grown in favor in recent years. These structures are easy to set up in open-air or semi-enclosed spaces. If you're looking for a professional fire pit installer in the Louisville, Kentucky, area, look no further than Unlimited Landscapes Inc. We also provide a grilling option for those who want to pair their fire pit with an outdoor kitchen.

Why Choose a Firepit?

Why build a fire pit when a fireplace will do just fine is a common inquiry from our customers. Most homeowners avoid fireplaces because of their bigger footprint, as they tend to become the focal point of their backyard. Fire pits, in contrast, are flexible in that they may be placed either in the spotlight or inconspicuously in the background of your setting. You can create a social setting around the fire pit with seating walls, making the space perfect for entertainment and relaxation.

Grills Add Functionality to Your Outdoor Fire Pit

It's possible to use fire pits as wood-fired barbecues straight out of the box, whereas others can be transformed into outdoor grills with a few simple accessories. Having a separate grill is unnecessary if you have a firepit. You can use it for charcoal or wood cooking, giving food an authentic smoky flavor that is difficult to achieve with gas or propane barbecues.

Any wood-burning fire pit, no matter how purely decorative, can double as a backyard barbecue. Naturally, it needs suitable hardware or design features, which is often an additional grill grate. Some barbecue pits even come with built-in grills. Our expert designers will consider all these factors while crafting your fire pit. If you need something added to your existing landscape, we'll ensure it matches your house's style.

Custom Designed Fire Pits

When you hire us for fire pits and grills installations, we use the best quality materials to create robust and long-lasting features that will look great and perform well. We offer customized services, so you get a great fire pit that enhances your yard's functionality and appeal.

For more information about our fire pits and grills design and installation services, please call Unlimited Landscapes Inc. at 502-254-1201. If you prefer to send us an email, please use this Contact Us Form, and we will respond quickly.
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