Irrigation Systems Louisville KY A healthy lawn is an indication that the irrigation system in your landscape is working properly. A well-maintained irrigation will also result in big savings since water is used efficiently. But over time, irrigation problems may occur due to wear and tear and other factors. When this happens, call the services of irrigation experts. They can identify the root cause of the problem and suggest proven solutions that will bring back the integrity of your system. Moreover, established companies have the right tools and equipment, access to premium irrigation products, and can install various types of irrigation systems.

Irrigation installation and repair require technical expertise, so you should look for a reliable and competent service provider. Another factor that you should consider is the portfolio of the company. Are they capable of installing new and modern types of irrigation systems? Can they handle complex repairs and installation? If your contractor possesses all these qualities, then you have found the right company. Just in case you don't want to search further, you may also consider hiring us since we also possess these qualities. We have the necessary experience and impressive portfolio of completed projects in key cities in the state, particularly in Louisville, Indian Hills, Clarksville, St Matthews, Jeffersontown, Simpsonville, Crestwood, Shelbyville, Jeffersonville, and Middletown, KY. Call us so we can talk about your specific irrigation concerns.

Sprinkler Systems

The cost of maintaining a lawn or landscape is one of the primary concerns of homeowners like you. Large lawns may require you to spend huge on water bills. But here at Unlimited Landscapes, Inc., we always suggest to our clients to choose newer systems if they want to conserve water. One great option is to choose automated sprinkler systems, which are not only highly efficient but also make lawn maintenance easier and worry-free. Automated sprinklers use modern technology, so they can be programmed on a set-and-forget manner. There are even features that can detect rain and measure moisture in the air. With water-efficient irrigation systems, you can save as much as 50 percent on your water bills.

Drip Irrigation

Another water-efficient system that we recommend is drip irrigation. This type of irrigation system is best used for annuals, perennials, ground cover, shrubs and trees. Since the drip lines and emitters are installed near the root system of each plant, less water is needed. This system uses the low-flow method of irrigating, so soil erosion and water runoff are also avoided. If you want this kind of irrigation for your landscape, just contact us.

Irrigation Repairs

Broken and clogged pipes, worn-out filters, defective valves, clogged emitters, and malfunctioning sprinklers are just some of the usual problems of irrigation systems. Even if you use the best brands, wear and tear and other external elements may cause damages to irrigation parts and accessories. Always contact a certified repair company when your irrigation malfunctions or any part or accessory becomes defective. Failure on your part to take immediate action can lead to huge water expenses and costly irrigation repairs. This may also result in flooding, plant diseases, and lawn damage. You can avoid all these if you call Kentucky’s irrigation repair experts- Unlimited Landscapes, Inc.

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