Swimming Pools Louisville KY Pools are great additions to any type of property. They are perfect spots for rest and relaxation, family bonding, get-togethers, and special occasions. An exquisitely designed pool can also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the property, especially if the pool is made from premium quality pavers.

Most homes with pools are also appraised higher as compared with properties that do not have this kind of amenity. So if you want to have a pool that can provide all these wonderful benefits, just contact us at Unlimited Landscapes, Inc. We have seasoned pool builders who are capable of designing and installing any type of pool that you may desire. We serve the areas of Louisville, Indian Hills, Clarksville, St Matthews, Jeffersontown, Shelbyville, Crestwood, Jeffersonville, Simpsonville, and Middletown, KY.

Swimming Pools

Professionally designed swimming pools can make outdoor areas more interesting and attractive. Experienced builders also know how to make them more functional. For example, the area around the pool can be turned into an outdoor living space by installing a paver deck. There are also other exciting features that can be added like an outdoor umbrella, fire pit, pergola, lounge chair, and BBQ grill.

And here at Unlimited Landscapes, Inc., we have other great ideas that you will surely like. For example, we will install outdoor and underwater lighting to add drama in the pool area. We will also include other water features such as fountains and spas to give you a pool where you can experience total relaxation. Another advantage of hiring professional builders like us is that we are capable of building any type of pool that you may desire. We can design and install inground, above-ground and fiberglass pools. The type and size of your pool will always depend on your budget, available outdoor space, and design preferences.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are easy to install and cost lower than the traditional pool type. These are usually recommended for clients with small outdoor areas or those with limited budget. To minimize maintenance cost, we ensure that the materials we use are of premium quality. We also send our best builders to guarantee the structural integrity of the above ground pool that we build.

Inground Pools

This pool type is preferred by most homeowners because of its durability and design flexibility. It can be designed according to your specifications or personal preferences. From kidney-shaped pool design to mesmerizing infinity pool, you can have them in your backyard as long as you choose the right contractor. With experienced builders, you are assured that they will use the right methods and techniques during pool construction. The only disadvantage of having an inground pool is the cost of installation, which is higher than the above-ground and other pool types. Maintenance cost is also higher if you have a large-sized pool in your backyard.

Fiberglass Pools

The continued rise in popularity of fiberglass pools is not surprising. In fact, more and more Kentucky homeowners are now inclined to use fiberglass due its many advantages. For one, pool installation is quite fast since it is pre-built. Fiberglass is a sturdy material, so expect that your pool will last for decades without needing replacement. Another advantage of fiberglass is the available colors that you can choose from. Most manufacturers offer their products in different colors and shapes. There are even some companies that offer custom designs to clients. If you want to know more about the benefits of fiberglass and other types of pools that we can build, please contact us at (502) 254-1201.

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