Every landscaping job requires careful planning and execution of hardscape features. No landscape or property can be complete without some masonry features. Some parts will have actual use, and some will be just aesthetic. However, it is classified, hardscaping complements softscaping to provide a unified and purposeful layout for a garden or other outdoor space.

Professional Hardscapers

Our Unlimited Landscapes, Inc, team is highly skilled in all aspects of hardscape design and implementation. We work with commercial and residential clients in and around Louisville, Kentucky, to design and build stunning hardscapes.

We are the best business to hire if you want to update your landscaping or rework an existing hardscape element. You can rely on us to oversee the project from start to finish since we have the necessary workforce, expertise, and inventiveness. Since we know that every customer has different preferences, we customize each solution to meet your needs.

Hardscape construction is always accompanied by softscape and vegetation installation and design, and our work reflects the homeowners' tastes and enhances the structure. While planning and executing the installation of your hardscape, we will consider any softscaping features.

Range of Hardscaping Services

This all-inclusive solution boosts the worth and visual attractiveness of your home. Our solutions are always low-maintenance and produce aesthetically pleasing and practically valuable spaces. Services in hardscaping that we provide include:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Garden steps
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Fire pits
  • Water features
  • And more

Our Hardscape Design and Installation Process

A well-thought-out outdoor living space with a patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, and BBQ area will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in various ways. Incorporating architectural details such as arches, columns, retaining walls, fences, curbs, and edging into your home design will give it a one-of-a-kind look. You can trust us to deliver the top solutions within your set price range, regardless of how complex or straightforward the job is.

Our team will work together cohesively and will keep you updated at every step of the project. Every day we leave the work site spotless and always finish our tasks before the deadline. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with all our services and maintain an unbroken focus on quality.

Custom Designed Hardscapes

When planning and implementing hardscapes, our team considers many elements. We take the time to understand your specific needs and goals for your homes outside areas. You can rely on close collaboration and material selection assistance from our skilled, innovative, experienced design experts and installation professionals.

Bricks, retaining wall blocks, sandstone, veneers, pavers, and other related materials are discussed in detail. These are low-maintenance additions to your property's curb appeal. Each of our completed projects displays the superior quality that comes from using only the highest-grade materials.

Long-Lasting Hardscaping Installations
We go the extra mile to accommodate specific requests, including the design and structure plans, which lend uniqueness to your outdoor areas. Our company completes all projects to industry standards and covers all work with guarantees, showing how seriously we take our work.

We are committed to offering our clients true value, and that involves understanding their specific requirements, sourcing suitable materials, and aligning work processes to your needs. Our company has always focused on offering superior quality services at cost-effective price points regardless of the size and shape of the project. Please get in touch with us at 502-254-1201 to discuss your hardscaping requirements with our knowledgeable and experienced team at Unlimited Hardscapes LLC. We are prompt with our response and will schedule a site visit and consultation to take the project forward.

With over 20 years in creating and installing patios walkways and retaining walls our goal is to bring the outdoors to you. From a patio to outdoor living area to enjoy for years to come. Call today for a free consultation.