Outdoor Fireplace Louisville KY We can think of several great reasons why having an outdoor fireplace in your yard can be among the wisest moves you can make. First, it will make staying outdoors during cold days and nights not just bearable, but actually comfortable and fun. Additionally, you can expect a more attractive and inviting outdoors with the handsome construction and design of the fireplace. And whether or not you intend to sell your property, you can expect its price to be appraised higher than properties without such fire feature.

And if you need help in the design and installation of your dream outdoor fireplace, you can simply get the services of Unlimited Landscapes, Inc. With dozens of successful projects in Louisville, Clarksville, St Matthews, Jeffersontown, Indian Hills, Crestwood, Shelbyville, Simpsonville, Jeffersonville, and Middletown, KY, we are absolutely the best company that you can hire. With over 23 years of serving the Louisville Metro region, we know what clients want and the resources required to render their desired results. Call us and let us build that stunning fireplace for your outdoors.

Fireplace Designs

While there are pre-made ones available, it’s still better if you opt for custom fireplace designs. The most obvious reason is that you can choose the size, materials to use, type of fireplace, location, and design or theme. Generally, you have more say on the quality of installation when you go for a custom-built outdoor fireplace instead of a pre-fabricated one. You can also work within your budget since you can dictate the exact materials to be used.

Fire Pit

Aside from outdoor fireplaces, we can also design and build fire pits for our valued Kentucky clients. A fire pit is versatile in terms of design options and can be installed anywhere in the outdoors. It is best installed in outdoor living areas, in the middle of the garden, or near water features. With such amenity installed in your landscape, you and your family, guests, and friends can stay outdoors with relative comfort during cold weather. It will allow great family bonding or chill out moments with people closest to you.

Fire Pit Designs

Outdoor Fireplace Louisville KY As mentioned, one of the perks of having fire pits in one’s landscape is the variety of possible designs to adopt. Among the fire pit designs that we can work on are U-shaped seating, semi-circle/full circle seating, under a gazebo, sunken, gabion, recessed, and many others. We can use various materials to create the exact look and functionality that clients want: lava rock, concrete, marble, granite, metal, and the like. Moreover, we can add some fire pit accessories as part of our design options: log racks, roasting sticks, safety screens, fire glass, popcorn popper, fire pit covers, and much more.

Whether you desire an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, we at Unlimited Landscapes, Inc. can guarantee you an exceptionally designed and crafted fire amenity at a low price. We promise to work within your budget so you need not break your bank just to avail our professional services. Please call (502) 254-1201 now so we can talk about your design and installation needs.

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