Irrigation Services, Louisville KY Lawn irrigation is essential if you want to keep your lawns lush and green. Simply, lawn irrigation is the systematic process of supplying water to lawns and landscapes. When the grass and plants are healthy you can expect the lawn to be beautiful and lustrous as well.

There are basically several tips you can keep in mind to keep your lawn properly watered. For instance, you can water it in the morning instead in the middle of the day when large amount of water is lost to evaporation or in the evening when the risk of disease is high as grass stays wet all night. Getting the right irrigation systems for your lawn is another way to maintain its healthy look.

Different Types of Irrigation Systems

There are different types of irrigation systems that can be used both to lawns and gardens. An experienced landscaping contractor knows what system to offer in their irrigation services. Each of these methods varies and is applicable on certain climate, type of soil and total land area. For instance, a sandy soil needs more watering as the water it absorbs dries quickly as compared to soil that is mostly clay.

Below are the different types of irrigation systems that our company recommends:
  • Drip irrigation. This is a type of irrigation system that provides continuous supply of water in small amounts to prevent the lawn from drying out. A soaker hose is used to supply water to the lawn. This is basically a rubber water hose with small perforations or holes throughout its length. This is a good option to consider if you want to conserve water as it doesn't emit large amount of water on top of the lawn or plants but supply the water at the ground level.

  • Sprinkler. This particular type is most ideal in residential irrigation systems as they are simple and inexpensive. The irrigation products that are required for this are sprinklers and a timer. One sprinkler can cover a large lawn area. There are several forms of sprinkler heads that you can choose from for this irrigation system.

  • Rotary sprinklers. This works by supplying water in full circle through the use of spinning sprinkler head. We usually recommend this irrigation service to Kentucky homeowners and commercial business owners who have vast lawns. For this to work efficiently rotary sprinklers are installed away from each other and the whole area can be watered all at once.

  • Underground irrigation systems. This is a very effective type of irrigation system. The pop-up sprinkler heads are installed underground, which is set with spring loaded sprinkler head that goes up when it is time to water. The sprinkler heads go beneath the ground again when the timer ends. However, this is also heavy on the purse. But for Kentucky homeowners who want the perfect irrigation system in their lawns, this is the best choice.

Irrigation Services for Kentucky Homes

Some homeowners can install simple irrigation systems. But for a more reliable and effective irrigation in your landscape, you need to get professional irrigation services. Unlimited Landscapes will not only guarantee installation of durable materials but will also help you lower the maintenance cost of the irrigation system.

Proper water to the lawn and landscapes is almost a necessity these days with changing climates. Call today to set up a free estimate for your Home or Office.