Landscaping was used to be a luxury, a space that only well-off families can have. But today, it is almost a necessity. It is that important area for relaxation and gathering. Landscaping has finally found its perfect spot- an important residential investment. No wonder why all homeowners want to build the perfect landscape. But creating a beautiful and stunning landscape is only possible with the help of a professional landscaping company.

For Kentucky residents and commercial property owners, the search for a reliable landscaping contractor should not be difficult. Unlimited Landscapes is the leading landscaping contractor in the state. We can serve your needs from the designing, building, and up to maintaining landscapes.

Unlimited Landscaping Design and Installation

Our company's name says it all. "Unlimited." We offer 'unlimited' landscaping services that every project may require. Be it small or big, new or old, we have all the services needed to make your outdoors the next best relaxation space for everyone.

No worries if you don't have a beautiful landscape yet. No worries even if the outdoors is a complete deserted place. We can help you visualize the soon-to-be beautiful transformation of your barren outdoors to a heavenly location. Our team has the best landscape designers in the state. Just tell us what your specifications are and we will take note of that while also considering what your current place can handle.

Our landscape designers can guarantee every client that the blueprint will be followed up to the final touches in your landscape. Our team is experienced in building whatever landscaping elements your outdoors will need- driveways, patios, retaining walls, walkways, drainage, and more. The landscape will not just be a beautiful paradise but a paradise that will last for a lifetime. And that's because we use only the best landscaping materials.

But landscape can never be beautiful if left all alone. Landscaping maintenance is necessary. Lawn mowing is just one part of it. We also offer building of irrigation and drainage system. On winter, you can rely on our snow removal services. Part of this so-called maintenance is the landscape's improvement. Want a splashing experience outdoors? We can build a pool. Want a convenient place for the gathering? We can build an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

The Best Landscape Contractor in Louisville KY

Unlimited Landscapes is regarded as one of the best landscape contractors in Kentucky for years. In our more than 20 years of experience in the business, we have proved our worth a thousand times with every landscaping project that we handled whether it is in Louisville or Middletown, KY. In fact, many of our landscapes won numerous awards in state-wide competition. Our creations have always been the winner of the Louisville Beautification Award.

Our company is a licensed general contractor so we are confident with the results of our work. On top of that, we are a member of the Home Builders Association of Louisville and Kentuckiana Lawn Maintenance Association. Our team has worked so hard and so long to get all these achievements. That is why in every project we handle, we make sure that it is the best.

Do you need a landscape design, landscape builders, maintenance or all of these? Contact us soon and we'll make sure to complete any landscaping project in a competitive, timely, and professional manner.

Bring color and texture into a new or existing landscape. With over 23 years of experience our professionals will help design a colorful landscape for your home or office.