Snow, when in the mountains, is a welcome treat especially for skiers and snowboarders. But once heavy snow comes in busy cities and roofs of your home, the streets in Downtown, your yard and to your precious garden- it then becomes a burden, a nuisance. Thus, every homeowner or commercial property owner must perform immediate snow removal.

What is Snow Removal?

Snow removal is the process of removing snow for safety in general and for ease of travel as well. Individuals may do it but to ensure a safer, faster and efficient way of doing it, an expert is a must.

Snow removal may be done mechanically through plowing or scraping or through chemicals by slowly melting it. Almost always, salt is the number one product used and is spread by snowplows or dump trucks. However, green advocates abhor the use of chemicals that's why there are organic chemicals being used now that is environmentally friendly for snow removal process.

Some Kentucky homeowners do the snow removal manually by using traditional tools like shovels for clearing their driveways, walkways or immediate vicinity of their streets. Others use snow scoops and sleigh shovels. Still others, especially in areas where snow really falls heavily, use snow pushers.

Snow removal can be done on DIY if the location is easily accessible and not as heavy. But you need to hire a professional snow removal service for worst snow problems. Snow plowing the walkways, driveways, or the roof is better done if an expert is hired. There are in fact cases reported that snow removal leads to heart attacks in some people. An amount of physical effort is almost always required for snow removals.

Hiring Contractor for Snow Removal

There are things to consider when hiring snow removal contractor. The first thing that you should do is to ensure that the company is legitimate and reliable. The company must have enough snow plowing tools or heavy equipment to do the snow removal process. Removing snow or ice in homes or any property will be successful only if the people working are knowledgeable and properly trained. These are the reasons why Unlimited Landscapes worked hard to complete all the required skills, tools and equipment in providing snow removal services in major areas in Kentucky.

Our company not only boasts of landscape designs and lawn maintenance but we are also experts in the field of snow removal as well. We have been servicing the state of Kentucky for 21 years now and we are proud to say that not only do we have satisfied clients but loyal clients as well. We have clients in areas from Louisville, Clarksville, St Matthews, Indian Hills and Jeffersontown. But don't worry if you are residing in Crestwood, Shelbyville, Jeffersonville, Simpsonville, or Middletown. We also provide snow removal services in these areas. The next time your area is hit by a severe snowstorm, call Unlimited Landscapes. We know the urgency of this problem so we are always ready to remove snow in every Kentucky home.

With unpredictable winters in the Ohio Valley call Unlimited Landscapes to remove that unwanted snow or Ice at your office or home. With old man winter right around the corner call today for a free estimate.

'Untreated roadways less than 1' snow that has turned to Ice due to Non treatment
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