Hardscaping Ideas, Louisville KY Hardscapes are important landscape features because of their critical functions. They make the outdoor area safer, more appealing, and more functional. As a property owner, you should ensure that every hardscape feature in your property is carefully designed and professionally installed to enjoy the benefits it provides. You have to look for reliable and experienced contractors who can guarantee the structural integrity and beauty of each hardscape that they build.

If you're from the Kentucky area, one local company that you can trust is Unlimited Landscapes, Inc. Our company has been the leading contractor in the state, and we have built hundreds of hardscape features for our clients. Most of our completed projects are located in Louisville, Crestwood, Clarksville, Indian Hills, Jeffersontown, St Matthews, Shelbyville, Simpsonville, Jeffersonville, and Middletown, KY. Call us now so we can discuss further how we design and build world-class hardscapes.


Pavers are the most popular materials used for hardscaping projects because of their versatility. They can be used in a variety of outdoor applications, whether residential or commercial. When installed by professionals like us at Unlimited Landscapes, Inc., this type of construction material can easily transform a dull outdoor space into a stunning and more functional area. We highly recommend its use on driveways, walkways, patios, garden paths, courtyards, and pool decks.

The wide range of available designs is another reason why most property owners prefer pavers. Some of the popular choices include Old World, contemporary, and modern designs. Moreover, achieving personalized designs for your hardscapes is easy because of the different paver patterns and colors available. You can choose basket weave, herringbone, fan, running bond, and other unique designs from our partner suppliers. Our partners are the leading paver manufacturers in the country, so you are assured of their quality and availability.

Patio Pavers

One of the hardscapes that we highly recommend to homeowners is the patio. It creates a new outdoor living space that can be used for rest and relaxation, entertaining guests, and family activities. And to make this area more appealing, we recommend the use of patio pavers. These pavers are not only durable but also attractive materials when installed.

Retaining Wall

Hardscapes Louisville KY Retaining walls are not only built for aesthetic purposes. They are also added in the landscape to improve safety and functionality. In fact, a well-designed retaining wall can create new outdoor living spaces such as view decks and patios. These walls can also prevent accidents and possible damages to your landscaping because of its ability to control soil erosion. Meanwhile, the materials that can be used to build retaining walls include concrete blocks, poured concrete, bricks, and natural stones. If you are one of those with a limited budget but still want a durable wall, your best option is to use the segmental concrete wall blocks. They are available in exciting designs and capable of holding back large amount of soil.


Hardscaping is a specialized field, so you should only hire people with ample experience in hardscape design and construction. Hiring a general contractor may not be the best option since the company may not be able to provide you with the kind of results that you want. It is still best to get the services of a company who has been working on landscape and hardscape installation. This way, you will be assured of topnotch workmanship and a worry-free outdoor improvement project. For beautiful and long-lasting hardscapes, trust only in an experienced company like us at Unlimited Landscapes, Inc.

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