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Outdoor Fireplaces, Louisville, KY

Installation of Outdoor Fireplaces

The outdoor areas of a home can be made more exciting and inviting with the installation of a fireplace, and it's possible to spend time in the yard even when it's cold outside. The structure creates a beautiful and captivating focal point, combined with the right seating area.

When you add a fireplace to the mix, the area instantly transforms into a warm and welcoming hangout spot for you and your loved ones. A few of our clients have questioned whether these structures are worthwhile. Customers who have chosen to add fireplaces to their properties have been pleased with their decisions.

Why Install an Outdoor Fireplace?

Many individuals, as was previously said, wonder whether getting one is a wise decision. Some people think a patio or outdoor kitchen is a better use of their money. On the other hand, fireplaces provide an unparalleled ambiance to your landscape and can serve many practical purposes, such as:

  • Late-Night Socializing - You need not retire for the day just because the temperature drops. A fireplace makes it possible to enjoy extended time outdoors with friends and family on chilly winter evenings.

  • A Cooking Source - You can use a pizza oven built inside an outdoor fireplace for cooking delicious stone-baked pizzas whenever you choose. Adding a barbeque is also an option. This makes the setup more practical and nullifies the necessity for a separate outside kitchen.

  • Visual Appeal - A fireplace has an evident aesthetic appeal that will draw the eye of any visitor. If it's planned correctly, a structure could disappear into the background. This structure does not need any more modification on your part.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Aspects

It's easy to go off course and overspend while constructing a fireplace. Here are some things to keep in mind when you get the ball rolling on the planning:

  • The Material - The material is the primary factor in pricing. Stone, brickwork, concrete, or stucco can all be used in its construction. The cheapest option is stucco, while the most expensive is natural stone. There is some effort and dexterity needed when working with brick and stone. Therefore, the project cost increases due to the cost of labor.

  • Durability - Although natural stone lasts the longest, stone masonry is a close second. Since they cost far less than their stone counterparts, brick patio fireplaces have become very popular. Furthermore, they are aesthetically pleasing and go well with various building designs. We can construct fireplaces using stone veneers.

  • Budget - Plan for all costs, including those of supplies and labor. Professional advice and suggestions in this area are available from our design team.

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