With Spring approaching and warm weather those outdoor projects come back to mind. Visit our website and facebook page for some of those outdoor projects and give us a call. Outdoor living areas,Pergolas,Landscape,Irrigation systems and Lawn service in the greater Louisville,KY area

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Landscape Lighting

If you have existing landscape lighting call or contacts us to for FREE estimate to convert your regular lighting into LED landscape lighting! enjoy the benifits of LED, crisper light-longer bulb life, Contact us today for your Free Estimates in the metro area

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Winter and Outside Projects

It seems this winter has been a BIG topic. At least around the metro area. Not much snow or ice around but the projects have still been going, Patio installs drainage work and irrigation scheduling. It never hurts to think of those warm weather projects and start getting ideas now and making a plan to implement them. If you are thinking of a outdoor living area or landscape ideas check out our website and facebook page for special offers.

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Fall seeding and watering

As our short window of Fall seeding is here already we go out and look at turfs it has almost become necessary for homeowners to have irrigation systems. I know you’re saying what!! Lets look at it this way, the investment of 4-7 hundred dollars every year to seed without lawn irrigation and lets say you’ve done that for 3 years and you spend average 300.00 per year for lawn treatments you have bought a lawn irrigation system or close to it. Lets not forget your time watering that lawn you could take a week vacation to water,sounds fun. As we have been reviewing lawns we have started offering package offers. installation of irrigation and we will powerseed the lawn at a discounted rate this Fall or next Spring. Many homeowners also are under the impression that just because its Fall/Winter coming up that its not the time to install a irrigation system. Thats far from the truth! yes you can install and usually fall/winter brings discounted installation rates which everyone likes. call us to set up a time to review your property.

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Red Thread in Lawns

If looking out upon your lawn and your seeing brownish areas with a tint of red in it then its most likely Red Thread. Dont waste your money on fungicides in the Ohio Valley! waste of money. Fungicideshave to stay dry on the leaf blade or it won’t work. here are some simple but effective.
1- Sharp mower Blades
2- change cutting height weekly
3- apply a (light) fertilizer, depending on heat and rain

just some simple tips that don’t cost alot.

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